Meet John Devine


Navy SEAL Veteran | Barrington, Rhode Island
Trainer and Behaviorist

During his career in the Military, John was selected to join the United States Navy SEAL K9 Teams. Throughout multiple deployments, John trained multi-purpose K9s, including dogs to search and clear hostel combat areas for any explosives or potential hazards. Knowing and understanding a dog’s behavior is extremely critical in these situations—and John is an expert on reading a dog’s behavior and their body language. This expertise allowed John to successfully train and handle one of the most capable multi-purpose K9s in the NAVY SEAL K9 teams.

John has had the opportunity throughout his career, to attend countless training seminars and workshops across the country led by industry greats, including Bob Bailey. He has also been given the opportunity to work alongside many of the elite trainers, such as Mike Ritland, the author of Team Dog: How to Train Your Dog—the Navy SEAL Way.

John is well versed in family dog training techniques ranging from simple obedience training, to the more complex tasks of correcting aggressive behaviors. Another skill John has perfected is selecting, training and implementing family personal protection dogs.

John Devine’s experience, knowledge, and training is what makes his dogs top quality and reliable. He understands the difference between what makes a good dog and a great dog—and can see ways to modify behaviors before training ever begins.

“John’s dogs are expertly trained. You can tell the difference from an average trainer to John’s techniques. It’s a world of difference and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. He clearly explains the why behind everything he does and I highly recommend him.”
— Erin