Behavior Modification

Any command is obtainable. Having an obedient dog can make a world of difference. We educate by showing and teaching you how to train your dog the right way. We create the perfect, disciplined dog that comes when they are told, stays when needed and makes having them around easy and enjoyable.

Personal Protection Dogs

It takes a special dog to be a Devine K9s Personal Protection Dog. Puppies are selected based on individually created profiles—and you choose the perfect dog for you and/or your family. From extensive agility training to a smooth transition into your home, this program is custom to your needs.

Tactical K9 Consulting


We use our experience training dogs for SEAL teams to bring you some of the most advanced techniques in dog training. From individual one-on-one training assistance to a seminar for your law enforcement agency K9 team, our cutting-edge reality based training seminars deliver proven results.