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  • Where is Devine K9s located?
    Devine K9s is located in LA county California.
  • Can I come to Devine K9s?
    Yes with an appointment, Devine K9s serves clients by appointment only and does not serve drop in clients.
  • What kind of dogs do you train at Devine K9s?
    Devine K9s serves a variety of training types including... Personal Protection Dogs Detection Dogs/Nose Work Trick Dogs Dog Agility Dock Diving Frisbee Obedeince Behavior Modification
  • Can I have my puppy trained to be a personal protection dog?
    Technically, yes you can have your puppy trained for personal protection work. WIll your puppy be successful at being a personal protection dog? No, in our experinece unless you have prior expereince with raising working dogs, your puppy will NOT succed as a personal protection dog. Your child can play football, but will he end up in the NFL, most likley not, unless they are getting daily coaching and instruction. In our experience, anyone who has not had experience in personal protection dogs, should not attempt to raise a puppy to become one.
  • Can you train my dog to become a personal protection dog?
    No, Technically it is possible. Baised on our experience, in the industry, we do not see a success rate in owner training peoples dogs to become protection dogs. We hold a high standard of protection dogs that are specificly hand selected for training and even those we have to fail a number of them to keep the standard. We will be doing open enrollment bite nights so that people can join in and get some work done with their dogs, but we will not be taking on peoples dogs for our personal protection dog program.
  • What is the difference between a Devine K9 Personal protection dog and any other?
    The difference is we master the basics. Our dogs are a capability not a liability. Too many times I see "personal protection dogs" that are either too much for a family to handle or simply a physical presence that would never actually engage a bad guy. Our dogs have 100% sucess rate of integrations and 100% sucess rate of engaging real world threats. Becuase we have expereince in real world threats but any dog that can not function in a home with the family will not be able to protect anything if it is not trusted to be with the family.
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