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Work With Us!

We are looking for motivated self starters that want to impact the lives of humans and dogs in a meaningful way.


Candidates should be currently in or trying to break into the dog training industry.  We have a small and tight team that accomplishes things that many big box chain businesses could never.


We value quality over quantity in team members and dogs that are being trained.  Every member of our team brings something to the table to contribute to the mission.  If you are looking to get experience in other areas of dog training or to have the opportunity to learn and practice many aspects of dog training, this is what we do.


There are places where you could go to do only one form of training all day, but here there will be different types of dogs requiring different types of training daily. 

What we value here at Devine K9s




Doing the right thing when no one is looking.  We are a small team that does not have the luxury of micromanagement.  We have big boy and girl rules that encourage teamwork and do not tolerate me first mentality.  




In the absence of orders, take charge.  Everyone here is a leader.  Leaders learn to follow, but also to lead and influence those around them to accomplish the mission.  


Leaving Ego at the door


Everyone is a student and everyone can learn something new every day.  We value prior experience but there is no ONE way of doing anything.  We strive to fill our toolboxes of training techniques in many ways.  




Proper use of communication.  Mastering the basics of all quadrants of operant conditioning.


Behavior Modification


We help dogs that are liabilities to their owners.  We change lives on both ends of the leash


Personal Protection dogs


We provide industry example setting protection dogs.  You will learn about the selection, the building and the integration of great examples.  


Service dogs


Dogs being task trained to perform.  We work hand in hand with our Non Profit Rescue 22 Foundation to place service dogs with Veterans with a variety of disabilities.  


Dog sports


Dock diving, Agility, Fun Bite work and lots more


Positions available


  • Intern

  • Assistant Trainer

  • Trainer

  • Content Creator and management

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