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Personal Protection Dogs

We train like we live,  like we fight.  Because every repetition matters, every K9 matters and every life that we are entrusted to protect matters. We train because where we come from, failure is not an option.  We brought peace of mind to Americans whether they asked for it or not when danger came to our doorsteps.  Let us protect your doorsteps once again.


We will select the perfect dog with the world as our selection pool.

We search out the best candidates that are put through extensive testing that fails even some of the best dogs.  We do not sell fake peace of mind or dogs that will become a liability instead of a capability.  We are here to bring you an asset, a friend, a Guardian.

Our Guardian Dogs will


Be good with other dogs

Be good with children

Be environmentally stable to all environments

Trained to provide a capability that will not fail


Many of our dogs have real world “saves”.  Do not fall victim to fake peace of mind and flashy marketing.

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